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Some Ideas

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Joined: 27 Jun 2005
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 10, 2005 12:16 am    Post subject: Some Ideas Reply with quote

Picajet has the potential to be the BEST image management application!

Some Ideas : -
1 Better thumbnail image quality and speed!

2 It doesnt find new folders in the watched folder until a restart? Cant it see new stuff instantly (like Picasa)?

3 Do we always need to see the "new watched folders detected" dialogue? Can we turn it off?

4 Metadata dialogue (Shft+Enter)
When entering text in fields (like Keywords) it would be nice to be able to select from a droplist of all previously used Keywords

5 If new IPTC information is added with the Metadata dialogue (Shft+Enter), then there should be the option to automatically add the new information to the Picajet cataegories (like an auto re-import). At the moment we have to delete the thumbnail from the album and then re-import it. Even if the IPTC chages are made outside Picajet by another application, it would be nice if Picajet always watched the images and automatically updated the categories.

6 If we drag thumbnails to the categories icons to assign categories. There should be the option to ALWAYS write the data to the file without having to click 'Ctrl+I' every time (sometimes I forget).
7 Quick Edit
PLEASE Add a slider for 'Warmer - Cooler' below the fluorescence. I always need to warm my pics up slightly.

8 The fluorescence slider is too powerfull. Should be more gentle.

9 A 'Grey\point' dropper for colour correction would be GREAT! Select it on one thumbnail but be able to apply it to all.

10 The Quick Edit should have an 'apply quickedit' icon-button ? At the moment we have to use the right-click to do it.
Fix Image
11 Flip should be here as well?

12 'Free rotate' would be VERY useful.

13 It would be nice to see the 'levels' graph when changing brightness + contrast (maybe combine brightness, contrast and Levels in one?) Why is fluorescence not also in Fix Image? What IS fluorescence?

14 Cannot type in the values for the blur sharpness slider? (like on the brightness)

15 Add a 'warmer - cooler' slider to the Hue Saturation controls?

16 Effects : Need better effects (see Picasa!)

17 Add a mouseover balloon to the thumbnails to show full exif and iptc details? Select the visible fields in 'tools-options'.

18 Allow the 'open-with' external tools icons to be added to the top toolbar (or at the bottom on the Edit toolbar)

19 The spacebar advances to the next image (and in fullscreen) but I think the arrow keys should be able to work as well. Sht+spacebar should go backwards?

20 Lots more slideshow options needed!
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 10, 2005 7:14 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

In my opinion PicaJet IS the best image management application! I can say that after downloading over 12 different photo management programs and trying each one fairly extensively. There is no other product on the market that makes it as easy to organise, label, order or search your photos.

Having said that, it is not perfect and PicaJet's editing tools could be improved along the lines of Picassa. The PicaJet team seem to be very proactive in improving PicaJet compared to a lot of other programs where it takes a long time for improvements to come out. I am certainly looking forward to PicaJet 3, which should confirm PicaJet's place as the best photo management program. From what I have read this is going to include a new graphics engine and ability to have different versions of the same photo.
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