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Suggestions (filters, checkboxes, select date ranges, etc..)

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 03, 2007 1:51 am    Post subject: Suggestions (filters, checkboxes, select date ranges, etc..) Reply with quote

I'm slowly gettng the hang of picajet.. and most of the problems i've been having aren't to do with picajet's features, but more to do with me working out how to use them.. so its possible some of these might already be possible.

- quickly filter your files. I know (or have just recently figured out) you can do this by control-clicking the categories, but it might be more intuitive/ovious if maybe there were checkboxes to allow you to quickly select multiple categories. (just to the left of the paperclip?)

- quickly filter photos and video. I guess you can kind do this with a search, but it would be nice to have a way to quickly switch between "all" "photos" and "videos". Maybe as special categories, or toggles in the top menu bar (the one that currently has search, slideshow and email, but otherwise just takes up space.

- is there currently an easy way to select a date range? Eg: Oct to Dec. I can select specific dates using the Locate By options, but i can't seem to work out how to select a date range.

- Checked Items? I used to use BrilliantPhoto before it was abandoned, and one nice thing that it (and picasa?) had was the ability to "check" a load of photos that you wanted to work on. It simply had a little checkbox in the top corner of each thumbnail, so you could quickly click on any you wanted to check, and then have a non-permanent category of "checked" that allowed you to work on those chosen files. (you could also select a group and click the check box on any of them to check them all. )

Right now I've manually created a "checked" category.. but of course it then writes that to the file.

- Paperclips on thumbnails? Just a thought. Right now I can click on a paperclip in a category and then click on thumbnails to assign that category. (or drag thumbnails to categories.) It would be cool if there was a revese option... a paperclip in the corner of each thumnail. Click on it (or shift click on more than one) and then click on categories one by one to assign it.

- Select sequence? Be cool to be able to right click on a picture and choose "select sequence" to select all pictures on that day, or week, or month or something. (picajet chooses automaticaly based on context) Brilliantphoto did this really nicely.

- Assign multiple categories on import? Is there a way to do this? Is there a way to set up default ones? I usually tag all my imported ones with "to fix" and "to tag" so I know which ones i haven't sorted yet.

- Use of screen space. Seems to me that the Header Bar and the Tool Panel could be combined into one. Several tools are already duplicated (email, flickr etc..) so why not just combine them all into one bar, and let the user choose if it goes at the top or the bottom. Right now each one is 90% empty.. so that is a lot of wasted screen space.

Also be nice to have a "full screen mode" where you didn't get the Picajet window bar at the top of the screen. And maybe to combine the menu into the same line as the Header Bar.

- Right click Assign Categories. Rightnow the assign categories button in the properties panel is ok, but it would be more ergonomic to have this duplicated in the right click menu. So i can click a file, right click it and select a category.. without having to move my mouse over to the properties panel.

- and finally.. status bar tooltips. Although I get popup tips when i start Picajet they are mostly obvious stuff.. but a lot of the cooler features are hard to figure out. Be nice to get (photoshop style) tooltips on the status bar. Eg: (when over the categories) "Click to select, Crtl click to select multiples, Alt click to select inverse, etc.."

Thats all i can think of for now. [/b]
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