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Press about PicaJet Photo Organizer

Greater Tampa Bay PC User Group
November 2004



PicaJet Photo Organizer

It is a straightforward photo organizer that is gaining:

  • direct import from camera
  • one-click
  • built-in photo album and one-click print

Most camera owners are not high-tech pros, so here is a program that does all
photo-related tasks for them:

  • Imports images
  • Rename images
  • Built-in search engine will sort images
  • Enhances and resizes images
  • Auto-improvement features
  • Original image is NEVER replaced
  • One-click image sharing
  • Duplicate finder
  • Slideshow maker and web gallery creator!
  • Image backup
  • Direct CD/DVD burning

PicaJet 2.2 is distributed electronically: for evaluation. The
price is $59.95 US.– PicaJet.Com, pr at

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